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AppV 5 Client in Build 14316

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Today I’ve built a VM with Build 14316[Windows 10 Insider Preview Program] & I see that Microsoft made AppV Client part of OS. Have seen if there is anything available to turn the feature on. But, I didn’t find any. 14316

I see that the AppV Client Service is disabled. What I did is just enabled the service & published a package using PoSH which seems working. I did try to install the standalone msi & have got an error as below,


Seems that there is something which Microsoft has not included in this build because in the previous build I just found AppV Logs & in this they included AppV Client [Services, Files & so]. Assume that they are doing it in a step by step manner. Let’s see what we get in the next version.


AppV 5 & Dummy PVAD – Not Always

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I’ve recently seen a post in the Forum where user said that “Sequenced application failed to run & asked to rerun the setup”. Provided input to re-sequence the application with default InstallDir as PVAD if used Dummy[I’ve read this in Tim’s Blog]. That worked!!. You can find that HERE.

PVAD – Primary Virtual Application Directory


When Microsoft released AppV 5, it’s been stated by Microsoft as well as by many other experts to use the Application Installation Directory as PVAD.

With the release of SP2 HF4 a new feature “Full Write Permissions to VFS” has been introduced & this fixed most of the issues. To take advantage of this, it’s recommended to use Dummy PVAD. With SP3 there is no need to define PVAD as Microsoft improved the product to choose Dummy PVAD always.

But, there are some applications which will not work with Dummy PVAD & works fine with default application installation directory as PVAD. Tim has written a very good article on this & you can find it HERE.

Conclusion: Always use Dummy PVAD. If that didn’t work, give a try with default InstallDir as PVAD.

TechSmith Camtasisa 8.5 & AppV?

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OS: Windows 7 64 Bit Enterprise

AppV: 4.6 SP1 & 5.0 SP2 HF 4

Application: TechSmith Camtasia 8.5

Issue: Sequencer Crash

What have I done:

Tried in AppV 5.0 SP2 HF 4 & Sequencer Crash while saving AppV Package with Error – Sequencer has stopped working.

Faulting Exe: Sequencer.exe

Faulting Module: Msvcr120.dll

Tried with Dummy PVAD,Original InstallDir as PVAD, Reboot after Installation of Application, Tried with Launching & Without Launching while Configuration & Monitoring Pahse.

Tried in ApppV 4.6 & Sequencer Crash while collecting System Changes after Installation of Application.

Did Process Monitor Trace & nothing helped.

Conclusion: Seems that Manufacturer do not support AppV as of now.